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Dutch goat milk has a unique guarantee of quality: QualiGoat. Naturally, the milk for Goatfully also meets the highest quality standards.

The well-being of our goats is very important to our farmers. KwaliGeit sets the quality standards that farmers must meet and checks each farm for compliance. For example, KwaliGeit has milk production, cooling, animal welfare, feed, and drinking water criteria. On top of this, we pay an extra price for milk of the highest quality through our collection company Holland Goat Milk,

The milk is collected by our own drivers. Each shipment of milk is rigorously checked for taste, color, smell, and the absence of antibiotics. Our laboratory also checks the milk for protein, fat, and bacteria.

Most farmers keep their goats indoors in the barn. Goats are climbers by nature and prefer to eat the leaves of trees and bushes. By keeping the goats indoors, they run less risk of parasites and worms. The farmer can properly regulate the climate in the barn. The goats prefer a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees with a humidity of 60 to 70%. The farmers allow daylight and fresh air to enter the barn as much as possible.

Is Goatfully GMO Free? GMO means Genetically Modified Organisms. Although our farmers are not certified to produce GMO-free milk, the milk from our goats does not contain any GMOs.