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Go(at) for it



Goatfully was founded in the early 2020's by passionate Dutch entrepreneurs. Living a healthy life is not that easy nowadays. The creators of Goatfully want to make this lifestyle accessible to everyone - with the goodness of goat milk products. And so Goatfully started. An innovative brand, based on high protein products for both a healthy and a happy lifestyle. Goatfully supports your health, is easy to use and tasty as
well. It makes you smile and go like a goat!

A goat story

In the modern world, cow's milk dominates dairy and the thousands of food products made from it. Cow dairy is simply not the best food money can buy. The impact on the environment of large scale dairy farming is a growing concern in many countries.
Plant-based dairy alternatives may sound like the solution, but these products are far from natural. It takes a tremendous amount of artificial processing to turn oats or peas into something that reminds you of dairy.
At Goatfully, we believe goat's milk is the perfect alternative to cow's milk and the ideal basis for many other products. Goats have been feeding us for thousands of years already.

We’re Goatfully, full of goaty goodness.


Did you know…

We want to make foods and supplements that are nutritious, healthy, convenient and tasty. Our mission is to help people to do themselves some good. Goatfully is the best and easiest way to get enough proteins at any time of the day. Everyone can live life a bit more light-footed like a goat.


Naughty by nature

All our milk is made by white Saanen goats. They live on small-scale family-run farms in the Netherlands. We just love our goats. They are naughty by nature like little kids. We are always greeted with hundreds of smiles. And teeth. Goats will try to eat anything. Including your pants.


Uncowly good

Goatfully is for everyone. That’s why we create products that are easy to ship and stock. Wherever you are on the planet, the goats will come to you. Have a go!
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