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Our Story

How it started

Goatfully was founded mid 2021 by passionate Dutch entrepreneurs. Living a healthy & happy lifestyle is not that easy nowadays. The creators of Goatfully want to make this lifestyle accessible to everyone - with the goodness of goat milk. And so Goatfully started. An innovative brand, based on high protein products for both a healthy and a happy lifestyle. Because Goatfully is not only healthy, but also easy to use and tasty as well. It makes you smile.

In the modern world, cow's milk dominates dairy and the thousands of products made from it. Cow dairy is simply not the best food money can buy. The impact on the environment of large scale dairy farming is a growing concern in many countries. Plant-based dairy alternatives may sound like a solution, but these products are far from natural. It takes a tremendous amount of artificial processing to turn oats and peas into something that reminds you of dairy. At Goatfully, we believe goat's milk is the answer. It is a wonderful basis for natural, good nutrition. Goats have fed us for thousands of years.

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Goatfully, full of goaty goodness.


The Netherlands is world famous for its dairy products. There is a good reason for it! Dutch goat milk has a unique guarantee of quality: Kwaligeit, which focuses on criteria for milk production, cooling, animal health and welfare, feed and drinking water. Naturally, the milk used for Goatfully products also meets these highest quality standards.

But we go even further than that! The products are suitable for vegetarians and made with non-GMO and hormone-free ingredients according to EU legislation. As for the packaging materials, we also consider the environment. Everything is produced as sustainably as possible and is fully recyclable. This also applies to the scoops. We try to print as little as possible, but when we do, it is on FSC-labelled paper.

Our goat farms are all passionate family businesses. We know our farmers and both we and the farmers love the goats. We keep them together and give them space to hop around. Happy goat happy life!

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Healthy & Happy Lifestyle

Who doesn't have a busy schedule these days? To feel fit every day and be able to actively engage in the things you enjoy, a healthy lifestyle is important. Of course, this goes beyond low stress, sufficient sleep and lots of yoga with goats. A good and varied diet helps you get enough nutrients.

Goat milk is full of goaty goodness, which is why we love these animals so much! Among other things, it contains high-quality proteins. Proteins you need for building cells, processes in the body and maintaining your muscle mass. So they are absolutely important for a healthy lifestyle. With the Goatfully products, you can add proteins to your diet in an easy and delicious way to reach your daily recommended amount. And that, of course, is what we want to help you with!