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The Dutch goats

white goat on grass

Goatfully is made from the milk of Dutch goats. They live on small-scale family farms in the middle of lush Dutch landscape.

The Goatfully family spans 50 farms. The goat farmers have about 1,000 dairy goats each. Almost all of them are white Saanen goats. The Saanen goat is originally from Switzerland but also feels at home in the Netherlands. Sometimes you come across other breeds on the farm, for example, the black and white British Alpine goat, the brown-black French Alpine goat or the brown Anglo-Nubian goat.

Goats sink their teeth into almost everything. Outside they prefer to eat leaves and grass. On the farm, they get a more varied menu with straw, hay, fresh grass, maize, and grains. Our farmers supplement the goat's meal with protein, vitamins, and minerals. This keeps the goats healthy and produces better milk. Fresh water is very important to our goats. A dairy goat drinks about ten liters of water a day.

A goat produces between one and ten liters of milk per day. That adds up to about 1,100 liters per year. They are milked twice a day. The fresh milk is collected by

Holland Goat Milk (HGM) and transported to one of our factories. We turn it into Goatfully products as fast as we can. Can’t do bêêêtter than that!