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Recipe - Goatfully Banana Protein Shake

Recipe - Goatfully Banana Protein Shake

Looking for a quick and healthy way to refuel after a workout or start your day on a nutritious note? The Goatfully Protein Shake Banana is the one for you! This shake, made from goat milk, offers a unique twist on traditional protein powder providing a lot of benefits for you body and taste buds.

Goatfully Gentle Protein Shake Banana is made from goat milk, which is known for its degestibility and rich nutrient content. It is packed with essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. This shake offers a powerful protein boost while also being gentle on the stomach. It is an excellent option for someone who is looking for an alternative protein source.

What do you need?

🍌 8 scoops Goatfully Banana Shake

💦 250-350 ml of water

This is how you make it

1. First put the 250-350 ml of water in the Goatfully Shake Cup.

2. Then add the 8 scoops.

3. Annnnd shake it!

Indulge in the goaty goodness and let the nourishing benefits of goat milk protein fuel your day.