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Meet the Goatfully Goats

two white goats in grassfield

Step into a Goatfully farm and you'll be greeted by a stable full of grinning goats. From small to large.

A goat is mature enough to become a mother when she is about 7 months old and weighs at least 35 kg. Goats are fertile in the fall and give birth after five months in the spring. The kids take their first steps into the world during the most wonderful time of the year.

The female baby goats are the new generation of the farm. They are raised to be dairy goats, just like their mothers. If there are too many goats, they are sold to another farm. They grow up there as dairy goats.

Their brothers are raised differently. A number of male baby goats remain on the farm as breeding males. Each farm has a minimum of twelve breeding males. There is always enough fresh blood to keep the herd healthy. Some of them are sold to other goat farms, for example, to start a new farm.

Goats sometimes get sick too. Antibiotics and other medications may only be supplied by the veterinary practice associated with the farm. During antibiotic treatment, the milk is not used, even for a few days afterward. The milk that goes to the factory has to be free of antibiotic residues. The farmer's family often drinks the fresh milk from the milk tank themselves and that is an even bigger reason to keep the antibiotics out of the milk. Are traces of antibiotics found in the milk? The farmer is not paid and the milk is not used.

Our farmers are not allowed to use hormones unless it is really necessary for the breeding schedule of the goats on the farm. The milk for Goatfully always meets the highest quality standards of the Dutch QualiGoat organization.