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Yeah for casein

woman yoga with goat

Goat milk is a natural source of casein. But what exactly is casein and why do you need it?

Casein is the main protein in milk. Goat milk also contains a lot of casein. Just to wander off into details a bit… most casein is β-casein and the β-casein in goat's milk is pure A2 -casein. Therefore, goat milk is A2 milk.

Why is casein so good? Your body can easily break down casein into essential amino acids. Your body needs the amino acids to synthesize its own proteins. To cut a long story short: more casein = more building materials for proteins.

Your body is largely made up of proteins. Your muscles, organs, nervous system, bones, blood… they are all made from proteins. An adult human consists on average of 12 kilos of protein. Your antibodies and many hormones are also proteins.

While sleeping, you do not resupply your proteins for six to eight hours. That is where casein comes in very handy. Casein is a slow protein. It is absorbed by your body in six to eight hours. Thanks to casein, your muscles grow and recover while you sleep. And you don't have to do anything for that. Except eat or drink enough casein.