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Floppy ears and warm sweaters

white goat

People come in all shapes and sizes. Big and small. Bald and hairy. Floppy ears and pout lips. But every goat is not the same either!

There are about 200 goat breeds in the world. Most goats in the Netherlands are Saanen goats. These snow white goats are the milk champions. They give the most milk of all goats, about three to five liters per day. Yet they are not bigger than an average goat and are pretty slender. All Goatfully milk is made by Saanen goats.

Nubian goats have the biggest floppy ears. The Nubians are also the largest goats in the world. Female animals can weigh between 80 and 100 kg. Bucks sometimes weigh more than 150 kg. The goats suffer more than benefit from their long ears. They can even freeze, especially if the ears are wet.

The Angora goat is the hairiest goat. From a distance they look like sheep. Their fur grows about 2 inches per month. They are shaved twice a year, just like sheep. The wool shines like silk and is used, among other things, for expensive clothes. Goats not only give us great stuff to eat, but also to wear.