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Was Houdini a goat?

Goat in old car

Harry Houdini was the Greatest Of All Time escape artist. Goats are the Houdinis of nature. You would almost think that Houdini himself had some goat blood in him. That would explain a lot…

If you keep goats, you have to be smart. Because goats are far from stupid. They are very curious and inquisitive. They chew on everything and climb on everything. Goats have highly developed senses. They have great hearing, excellent eyesight, and a good sense of smell and taste.

The fence around a goat pasture must be sturdy. Goats will try anything to crawl under or climb over it. If they spot juicy trees and shrubs on the other side, nothing will stop them. Goats never give up. Like Houdini, they keep pushing, pulling and digging until they are free. Even if it takes weeks. Try to keep that down…