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Look for the white treat

Goat cheese on plate with blue background

You can recognize goat cheese even before you have tasted it. Cow's cheese is yellow, goat's cheese is white. How come?

Cows and goats eat the same grass. But goat's milk is much whiter than cow's milk. And so is the cheese you make from it. Here is why…. There is a substance in the grass called carotene. Carotene plays an important role in plant photosynthesis. It allows plants to grow.

Carotene has an orange color. It is also used to color food. Cows cannot digest all the carotene and some of the orange stuff ends up in the milk. Goats convert all the carotene into vitamin A. So not a drop of orange remains. That's why goat's milk is so white. And much tastier too, if you ask us.