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The unique taste of goat milk

White Goat in Grass

Goat milk has a unique taste and is consumed by many people around the world. Its recognisable taste differs from cow's milk and other dairy products. More and more people are discovering this too, goat milk is becoming more normal, known and loved. You can read why in this article about the delicious taste of goat's milk.

Goat milk is fresh, sweet and much softer than most people think. Moreover, you (almost) don't keep tasting the milk after drinking it. Its unique taste is determined by several factors.

The goat breed

Milk from Dutch goats is used for Goatfully's products. For this purpose, we work together with family farms that keep Saanen goats; a breed of goat known for its sweet and mild milk. Goats are by nature very social animals, which is why they are kept together, with enough space to hop around. With this, our farmers adhere to the Dutch quality assurance programme (Kwaligeit) and the milk complies with European regulations for animal products. This keeps the milk healthy and nice and fresh.

The nutrition of goats

An important factor influencing the taste of goat milk is the goats' diet. Goats fed a diet of grass and other green fodder produce milk with a milder taste than goats fed mainly grain or other concentrate. This is why our goat farmers pay a lot of attention to serving them a healthy menu. This keeps the quality good and the taste delicious

The goat's habitat

The environment in which goats are kept also affects their taste. Like us, goats like a clean and stress-free home environment. Goats that are comfortable in their environment produce milk of higher quality and better taste than goats kept in dirty and stressful environments.

Milk processing

Another factor that determines the unique taste of goat milk is the processing and storage of the milk. To maintain the good quality and unique taste, goat milk should be processed and pasteurised as soon as possible (after milking). This is to destroy bacteria and extend shelf life. The milk is collected by our own drivers. They carefully check each load for taste, colour, smell and the absence of antibiotics. The laboratory then checks the milk for protein, fat and bacteria.

The end product

The final product also plays a role in taste. Goat milk used to make cheese usually has a stronger taste than goat milk sold as drinking milk. People who are only familiar with the cheese version are therefore often pleasantly surprised when they taste the liquid version for the first time. The drinking milk is much softer, lighter and more 'friendly' in taste.

The role of protein on taste

Protein is an important component of goat milk and contributes to the goat milk taste. Goat milk is packed with high-quality protein and has a different protein composition than cow's milk. This makes goat's milk slightly more bitter than cow's milk. Therefore, drinking goat's milk often gives a different taste experience than drinking cow's milk.

Taste facts from Goatfully

What makes that taste experience so different and unique we like to let people experience for themselves. That is why we regularly commission objective research into how consumers rate our goat milk products. We recently did so with our Protein shake consumer survey 2022 which focused on our protein shakes made from high-quality goat's milk. The results showed that:

  • 80% of consumers rate Goatfully products as very tasty;
  • 90% of consumers describe the mouthfeel as creamy and mild.

Statements about goat milk taste

In the survey, we asked consumers to describe the taste of our products. This is what they wrote:

  • "Recognisable, lightly flavoured, not sweet, touch of vanilla, natural flavour."
  • "Smooth flavour, I didn't taste anything goaty, doesn't taste chemical."
  • "Soft flavour."
  • "Not too sweet, drinks easily."
  • "Flavour is delicious, exactly what I like."
  • "Delicious, just sweet enough, tastes very light!"

Our protein shakes come in three different flavours: banana, vanilla and strawberry. These contain no added sugars and artificial preservatives. Moreover, we only work with high-quality proteins. This is what makes the recipe with the unique properties of goat's milk so tasty. So we have go(a)t the hang of it.

Taste the unique flavour of goat milk

All in all, goat milk has a distinctive taste that depends on several factors. We can explain how the milk tastes, but it is better to let our fans do the talking. They will be happy to tell you why they choose the unique taste of goat's milk.
Is your mouth already watering? Then try one of our products for yourself. We have different varieties and flavours.

Goaty goodness, taste for yourself!