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A day with Goatfully products

Woman stretching Goatfully sweater

Combining a busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle? That works just fine with Goatfully’s goat milk products. This “goaty goodness” is packed with high-quality proteins. With our protein products, we help you live a healthy & happy lifestyle. When do you eat protein products? We will explain in this blog. You’ll see: it takes little time and is very simple.

What is a good time to take a protein shake? What is the best time to add extra protein to a meal? Within how many hours after exercise should you take protein for proper muscle recovery? Our customer service team regularly receives these questions. That’s why we like to take you through a day full of Goatfully. This will give you a good idea of how to easily apply this in your busy schedule.

Breakfast with cereal and milk powder

The alarm clock announces the start of a new day. You stretch once more and jump out of bed for a delicious breakfast. Nutritious, but also quick and easy. After all, you have plenty to do. Porteins are important then. They help build your muscles and maintain your muscle mass. So, you start your day with a source of protein by having a breakfast of cornflakes and Goatfully Full Cream Goat Milk Powder. This way, you already get your first serving of protein. A super easy solution for a good start of the day.

Lunch with pancakes

Baking pancakes a lot of work? Not with the ready-to-use Goatfully protein pancake mix! You can make a delicious lunch in no time. All you have to do is add water. Decorate the pancakes nicely with some banana or strawberry slices and you have prepared a delicious and protein-rich meal. Don’t have time for this in the morning? Feel free to bake them earlier and store them in the fridge. They are also delicious when cold.

A shake after exercise

Working out is something you love to do. It keeps you fit and takes good care of your body. But do you also take good care of your muscles after training? Because after physical exertion they need time to recover and grow. Proteins support this. So take a delicious Goatfully strawberry shake immediately after exercising. The shake contains 21 grams of protein and helps your muscles recover quickly from all that hard work.

A goaty goodnight

You gave it your all today and flew from place to place. Time to get a good night’s sleep. But before your head hits the pillow: you have another bowl of yoghurt or cottage cheese with a few scoops of Goatfully protein powder for some extra casein. Casein proteins give a more gradual release of amino acids to your muscles. This ensures that you maintain your muscle mass during the night. This way, you will wake up tomorrow refreshed and fit to start the day.

Questions about protein products?

Proteins are important for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Goatfully products help you get your daily amount of protein in a simple and delicious way. Do you have any questions about this? Feel free to email us. We are happy to talk about Goatfully and their products.