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Crazy goat!

goat sticking out tongue

Goats are a bit weird. They are very curious and as mischievous as kids. Goats are not just fun. The body of a goat is also quite special.

Goats sink their teeth into everything. They love to nibble on your old pants as much as they do on juicy grass. Even branches of trees and stable doors are not safe from grazing-crazy goats. But… did you know that goats only have teeth in their lower jaw? Their upper jaw is just a hard edge. So it's better to keep a goat as a pet than a… jaguar or a crocodile. If a goat bites you, you will feel it, but it doesn't really hurt.

Goats have special eyes. Some breeds have beautiful light blue or light green eyes. The craziest thing is the pupil of the eye. Goats do not have a round pupil like humans, but a slit-shaped one. They see better what is going on around them. And that is very handy when you are on the menu of many predators. It looks a bit weird, but it makes a lot of sense.

Most goats are small in size and very tough at the same time. They survive where cows and sheep perish. You can find them everywhere in the world, except at the North Pole and the South Pole. Goats are called the 'poor man's cow'. Even on the poorest soil they manage to produce liters of milk per day. So… if you plan to walk the planet, bring a goat!