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Goatfully was founded in the early mid 2021 by passionate Dutch entrepreneurs. Goatfully is made from the finest goat milk. Goat milk is full of valuable nutrients and completely natural. We want to make foods, supplements, and other products that are nutritious, healthy, and delicious. Check out our story or try our Goatfully Bundle, full of shakes & pancakes!

It's simple. Our Goatfully products are full of goaty goodness.

Goatfully is made in The Netherlands, home of the best dairy in the world. We only use goat milk from family-run farms. We know our farmers. Everything is produced and packaged in The Netherlands.

We currently have available Gentle Protein Powder, Gentle Protein Shakes in three tasty flavors, and a delicious Pancake Mix! We also offer a try-out option; the Goatfully Bundle.

The milk used for Goatfully comes from 100% small scale family-run goat farms, the goats have plenty of room to roam around. We know our farmers and both our farmers and we care about the goats. By nature, goats a very social animals, so we make sure to keep them together. 'Kwaligeit' is our quality system to ensure that the goats are in good health and being treated properly.

Our farmers use roughage from the neighborhood, if possible even from their own land. This creates control over the quality and origin of transport movements, which helps to improve emissions.

We strive to be as good as possible for the environment with our packaging. Everything is produced as sustainably as possible and is fully recyclable. The scoops are also recyclable. We try to print on paper as little as possible, but when we do, it is on FSC-certified paper.

All or farmers are VLOG certified. VLOG is a German organization and stads for "Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik". VLOG certified means that goats are not fed feed containing genetically modified raw material therefore, all our products are GMO-free.

Yes, the whole Goatfully range is suitable for vegetarians. The products do not contain any meat or fish.

Of course! If you pursue a healthy & happy lifestyle, you naturally want to use the highest quality protein products. This is why Goatfully offers products that have been approved by the NZVT (Dutch Safeguards System for Dietary Supplements in Elite Sport). Goatfully batches have been tested in accordance with the requirements of the Dutch NZVT. These tests are carried out independently by the LGC laboratory in the UK, a world leader in the food sector. This ensures that your Goatfully protein products are 100% free of prohibited substances.

Yes, the whole Goatfully range is Halal certified.

The Goatfully products are free from artificial colorants and preservatives. With the exceptions of the shakes, they are also free from artifical flavors and sweeteners.

Goatfully products do not contain added sugars, and all have a low fat content.

Goatfully products contain A2 casein. The advantage of casein compared to whey is that casein is a slow-digesting protein. Because of this slow-release people often take this before they go to sleep. As the amino acids are released slowly recovery will happen when you are asleep. Bonus!

Yes, of course! You can recycle the scoop after use.

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