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Yoga with goats

Woman yoga with goat

A goat, a farmer and a yoga instructor walk into a stable. And roll out screaming with laughter. Goat yoga may sound a bit bizarre, but it's certainly no joke.

Yoga lets you completely relax and find yourself again. What could be better than swapping the yoga studio for fresh country air and a handful of cheerful goats? In no time you will completely forget all the daily hassle. The goats join in the fun. They nibble on your yoga mat while you sit in the lotus. They suck at your toes when you do the dancer. The goats are as mischievous as… an old yoga master.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of goat yoga and there is probably a farm nearby where you can hit the mat with goats. You might discover whole new yoga poses. The climbing goat, the flying billy goat or the goat tree… whatever you come up with, the goats are ready for it. Chill afterwards with a fresh glass of goat's milk. That's how you make new friends in the stable. Go for goat!