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Goats and bagpipes

bagpipe old instrument

Hear bagpipes, think Scotland. Actually, you should be thinking of a goat. And not just to Scotland. Here is the story…

The bagpipe is a very old instrument. This unique sound cannon originated somewhere in India, Pakistan and Iran around 2,000 BC. Alexander the Great brought the bagpipes to the west and of course first to Greece. The bagpipes did not make it to Scotland until well into Roman times.

In Spain, Serbia, Albania and other countries, the bagpipe has been part of popular culture for centuries. In the south of Europe, the bagpipe is called Gaita or Gaida. That's no coincidence. In the past, bagpipes were made from the skin of a goat. Perhaps that's why bagpipes sometimes bleat like a goat?

There is also an electronic bagpipe that you can plug into a pair of big speakers just like an electric guitar. Ouch!